21 Questions Trivia for Seniors

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General knowledge Trivia has been very popular in aged care so we have put together another great basic list of fun questions for you to enjoy with seniors.

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  1. What do we call a moving staircase? (A) Escalator
  2. The name for a Horses foot? (A) Hoof
  3. A fruit named a pink lady is a type of? (A) Apple
  4. To practice for a performance is to what? (A) Rehearse
  5. 60 minutes also equal? (A) One hour
  6. What comes out of a bottle and grants three wishes? (A) Genie
  7. A native Australian dog found in the outback? (A) Dingo
  8. Attached to a leather belt is what? (A) Belt buckle
  9. Name the coldest season of the year? (A) Winter
  10. What is the name of a Scottish skirt? (A) Kilt
  11. What do we call a Church bench? (A) Pew
  12. An activity or sport where we glide along solid ice? (A) Skating
  13. To cry uncontrollably is to what? (starting with S) (A) Sob
  14. We use these on a clothesline to hang washing? (A) Pegs
  15. Another word for curtains starting with D? (A) Drapes
  16. A handheld device to kill flies? (A) Fly swat
  17. Which animal is said to have got your tongue if you don’t speak? (A) Cat
  18. To have no hair is to be? (A) Bald
  19. To pop the question to a partner is to what? (starting with P)(A) Propose
  20. Corn is grown on a what? (A) Cob
  21. Milk comes from which part of a cow? (starting with U)(A) Udder

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