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    As an activity coordinator in aged care, I understand the importance of keeping seniors active and engaged, which is why I have created these basic Mind Workout Crosswords. Designed specifically for seniors with memory loss, this crossword features clues and answers that are very simple to complete and also relevant and familiar to those of an older generation.

    I believe that staying mentally active and engaged is crucial for seniors’ overall health and well-being. Solving puzzles like Crosswords and other Brain Teasers can help seniors exercise their brains, boost their mood, and enhance their cognitive abilities.

    We invite you to download and print our Senior Moments Crossword and share it with the seniors in your life. Whether you’re a caregiver, family member, or senior yourself, this crossword is a fun and engaging way to stay mentally active and improve memory.

    At Memory Lane Therapy, we are committed to providing resources and activities that promote brain health and wellness for seniors with memory loss. Stay tuned for more fun and engaging activities designed specifically for seniors.

    To download the A4 Printable Crossword click the button below.

    1. A round yellow citrus fruit
    3. Sweet edible item made from cacao beans
    5. A popular breakfast food made from grains
    8. A common household pet often kept in a cage
    9. A season with cold temperatures and snow


    2. Popular pastime involving needles and thread
    4. A small sweet blue colored fruit often found on a bush
    6. A type of colorful flower often used in gardens
    7. An object used to clean teeth

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