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    A great way to start the morning in memory care.

    This activity would be held while enjoying our morning tea shortly after our walking group, we would commence with news and views every morning.

    On the wall would be a large calendar showing the month, date and day. I would start off the group with saying today is the 10th of February 2018 and today is Tuesday and it is a beautiful day outside with a forecast of 29 degrees and sunny all day. 

    I would scan the newspaper in the morning to look for good news stories of the day. (I’m afraid these days not to many good news stories) So I would also have some stories I had heard maybe on the internet or on the television to talk about or just make up a story with a happy ending.

    I would encourage everyone to have some input on stories and ask their opinions. Maybe if I had a story from China I would then ask has anyone ever been to China? What was it like? Did you go and see the Great Wall of China? Etc.

    I may go through the ads for cars for sale and ask people what they thought a new car would cost these days. Then ask them has anyone ever bought a brand-new car and can they recall how much they paid for it. If time permits I would end the activity with a fun quiz.

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