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Quizzes and trivia are an important part of your therapy program, as they help to keep older minds active and healthy. 

This is a great question and answer quiz that I used for many years, it was always allot of fun and had my senior groups entertained and engaged in conversation.
All the questions and answers are below, have fun with this quiz!

A person who cooks and manages a kitchen in a restaurant. (A) Chef

A person who builds houses with bricks. (A) Bricklayer

Someone who cuts up meat for sale. (A) Butcher

Someone who makes bread, cakes & pastries. (A) Baker

Someone you visit when feeling unwell or for a check-up. (A) Doctor

Who do you go to see to buy a car. (A) Car Salesman

Someone who serves drinks at a hotel. (A) Barman or Barmaid

Who do you visit to get a tooth pulled. (A) Dentist or Orthodontist

Who do you visit for legal advice. (A) A Lawyer

Who sews and makes dresses. (A) A Dressmaker

Men visit to have a suit made. (A) A Tailor

Who makes hats? (A) A Milner

Someone who writes articles for newspapers, TV and magazines. (A) Journalist

Someone who takes your order in a restaurant. (A) Waiter or waitress

A person who works underground looking for gold or coal. (A) Miner

I deliver the mail. (A) Postman

I look after people in the hospital. (A) Nurse

I fix bathrooms, toilets and blocked water pipes. (A) Plumber

Someone who keeps the books for a business. (A) Accountant

Someone who studies the planets and the stars. (A) Astronomer

A person who connects electricity to buildings and homes. (A) Electrician

Someone who catches fish and shellfish to sell. (A) Fisherman

I look after all the animals at the zoo. (A) Zoo Keeper

I buy anything in exchange for money or loans at my shop. (A) Pawnbroker

I treat sick and injured animals at my clinic. (A) Vet

I look after your feet. (A) Podiatrist

I will sell you a house. (A) Real Estate Agent

I predict the weather forecast. (A) Meteorologist

I educate people in schools. (A) Teacher

I build buildings or walls out of stone. (A) Stonemason

I work at keeping law and order in the community. (A) Policeman or Policewomen

I sell flowers and make bouquets. (A) Florist

I cut men’s hair. (A) Barber.

I cut and style women’s hair. (A) Hairdresser

You visit me to be fitted for eyeglasses. (A) Optometrist

I put shoes on horses. (A) Farrier

I ride horses at the races and people place bets on me. (A) Jockey

I fix and replace broken glass windows. (A) Glazier

I fly airplanes for a living. (A) Pilot

You come to my store to fill prescriptions and buy medication. (A) Chemist or Pharmacist

I deliver babies at home or in the hospital. (A) Midwife

I care for the lawns at bowling clubs and cricket pitches. (A) Greenkeeper

Who fixes your car when it breaks down? (A) Mechanic

My job is in movies or on TV shows. (A) Actor or Actress

I live in your home and take care of the children. (A) Nanny or Au pair

I play an instrument on stage and entertain. (A) Musician

I can make a rabbit come out of a hat and make people disappear. (A) Magician

I can dance the Swan Lake and dance on my toes wearing a TuTu. (A) Ballerina

I design buildings and draw plans. (A) Architect

I take photographs for a living. (A) Photographer

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