AFL Football Grand Final Day Celebrations

Activities for Seniors | By Debbie Davison
For Australians, the football grand final will be played in Melbourne on the 28th September and will be broadcast Live on the television for everyone to watch.

It makes a great theme day in aged care centers and we can all participate in dressing up, making decorations and eating footy food.

The semi-finals are underway at the moment so we are still waiting to see which two teams will fight it out in the grand final and from which state they will be representing.

To have a successful fun day here are a few ideas.

✿ Decorate the room you are watching the game in the two teams colours. Lots of coloured streamers and balloons.

✿ Find posters to post in the room of the two teams these can be found in the newspaper in the week leading up to the game.

✿ Make a display with a football, borrow a football trophy from family or friends, football boots & mascots.

✿ Make bunches of coloured streamers on sticks that residents can shake to cheer on their favourite team.

✿ Encourage staff and residents to dress up in the team colours. Serve football food like small meat pies & sausage rolls with sauce. Potato chips and low alcohol beer or cool drink.

✿ Decorate milk arrowroot biscuits with coloured icing (team colours) to serve with afternoon tea.

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Debbie is the owner of Memory Lane Therapy and an experienced Activity coordinator for Aged care. Her passion is Music, Arts, Crafts and making people Laugh and Smile.


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