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    Our Australian Football Quiz for Seniors is a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge of the game and spark nostalgic memories of your favourite teams.

    The A4 printable version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

    What does the MCG stand for?    
     (a) Melbourne Cricket Ground

    What state has the venue the Gabba?    
    (a) Queensland

    Collingwood’s football jumpers are what colour?                                  
    (a) Black & white

    What colour are the West Coast Eagles jumpers?                            
    (a) Blue & gold

    What year did Aussie rules football become known as the AFL?          
    (a) 1990

    There are two different colours of footballs used when playing a game of AFL. One colour for day games and one for night games?
    (a) A red ball is used for day games and a yellow one for night games as yellow is easier to see at night

    Who won the AFL football grand final in 2019?                      
    (a) Richmond

    Which team is associated with crows?  
    (a) Adelaide Crows

    Which team is associated with Swans?  
    (a) Sydney Swans

    If you are a Docker supporter what city and state are you from?                        
    (a) Fremantle Dockers Western Australia

    If you are a Magpie what team do you belong to?  
    (a) Collingwood

    What bird is associated with The West Coast?  
    (a) West Coast Eagles

    How long is each quarter of play in the AFL?  
    (a) 20 minutes but can fluctuate with stopping and play on

    Do AFL players wear boots or shoes when playing a game of football?  
    (a) Football boots

    What shape is an AFL football?      
    (a) Symmetric oval

    How many teams currently compete in the AFL?
    (a) 18

    What medal is given each year to the fairest & best player in the league, voted by the umpires?                    
    (a) The Brownlow Medal

    What is the white line called around the edge of a football oval?            
    (a) Boundary

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