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    Here is an Anzac Quiz we have put together to share with your residents.
    Challenge the mind and test their knowledge.

    Which bugle call follows the last post and the 1-minute silence?

    Who was the first Australian to receive the southern cross in WW1?
    Albert Jacka

    What does the word ANZAC stand for?
    Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

    Where is the tomb located of the unknown soldier?
    Canberra at the Australian War Memorial

    Who was appointed Australian war correspondent in 1914?
    Charles Bean

    Which Australian took over command of the Australians in 1918?

    John Monash

    Apart from the poppy what plant holds special significance on Anzac Day?


    Why is Rosemary a plant popular on Anzac Day?
    It was growing wild in Gallipoli

    In what year did the Anzacs land at Gallipoli?

    Who wrote the poem “For the Fallen”?
    Laurence Binyon

    Where were the Anzac forces based before going to Gallipoli?


    In what year was Anzac Day officially named in Australia?
    1916, a year after New Zealand

    Who was well remembered as an original Anzac and had a donkey?
    Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick

    What did Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey do at Gallipoli?
    They rescued wounded soldiers on the battlefield
    (Jack Simpson died at the age of 22 shot in the back by a machine gun bullet)

    What state of Australia was the first to write a story about the landing at Gallipoli in the newspaper?
    Hobart Tasmania

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