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    This is a very popular light exercise game to play in aged care, it can be played standing and also seated on a chair. There are a few variations of the game, depending on which way you would like to play you can follow a few of our examples below.

    Equipment needed:

    A mat – which can be made with a white sheet and marked with a permanent marker. You can print or follow our templates below. The mat is marked with numbers having the higher numbers at the top of the mat. Every number has a boundary line drawn around them.
    Tape the mat to the floor with masking tape on each corner.

    Small handheld bean bags (6) minimum

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    How to Play:

    Ask teams to choose a name for their team for the day.

    Make a line with masking tape on the floor as a point where the bean bags are thrown from,
    2 meters away from the mat or less than 2 meters, depending on the strength level of your seniors. Make two teams and seat them on each side of the mat and throwing point.

    Each player stands at the line and throws a bean bag onto the mat trying to land on the highest number.
    Have a chair near the throwing line for residents who would like to sit and throw the bean bag.

    Each player has six throws and their score is added together and written on the whiteboard under their team’s name, also record their name next to the score as the highest two scorers for the day may win a prize.

    If the bean bag lands on the line around the number there is no score the bean bag must land inside the line.
    In my experience hosting this game in aged care, seniors have a lot of fun and it can get very competitive.
    We hope you enjoy this game in your aged care center or with seniors at home.

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