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    Playing Bingo is a favourite activity for residents that live in aged care,  many seniors can join in even if they need a little bit of guidance and assistance.

    It can be quite a competitive game between players and the winners are thrilled when they receive a prize. Many facilities give chocolate bars, potato chips & wrapped biscuits or cake but not everyone can enjoy these treats because of dietary restrictions.
    This is when the Bingo Bucks are a good idea and an alternative idea for prize giving. Bingo Bucks can be won during the month then spent at a pop-up shop organised by the activity staff, here are some ideas to get it up and running.

    A Guide for Bingo Bucks:

    Pop-up Stores

    Have the pop-up store open every fortnight or once a month to give the residents something to look forward to and a great shopping opportunity.

    Here are some photo examples of how you could display your Bingo Bucks store.

    Buy items from a discount store cheaply and ask for donations for the pop-up store. Keep all items stored in plastic tubs with lids.

    Have items priced from $1  to $10 for the residents to purchase, they can save their Bingo Bucks to buy a more substantial item.

    Some great ideas for items are hand cream, shampoo & conditioners (mini), hair brushes, combs, tissues, soaps, costume jewelry, books, note pads, and pens, donated soft toys, sweets, biscuits, crisps, etc the choices are endless.

    Print out your Bingo Bucks

    Print out some Bingo Bucks and laminate them so they can be used over and over again. You could use the facilities logo, stamp or name on the dollars.

    Make $1, $2, and $5 Bingo Bucks. Examples are $1 could be for a full lineup, $5 for a full house, or for the last bingo game of the day.

    Keep a log of winners and how much they have won as Bingo Bucks can be lost or misplaced by some residents. A clear zip-up pencil case with the resident’s name on each case is a good way to keep everyone’s Bingo Bucks safe and organized. Let residents look after their winnings and for those who need some help keep them stored in a safe place.

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