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    As an aged care worker, finding ways to keep residents engaged and entertained can be a challenging task. With many residents experiencing boredom and loneliness, it’s important to create activities for seniors that not only stimulate the mind but also provide a sense of community.

    Introducing the Busy Board – a new way to keep aged care residents engaged and entertained. This A2-sized board is designed to be mounted on the wall and can feature up to six or more colored envelopes, each with its own unique activity. The Busy Board is a simple yet effective way to provide activities and puzzles for aged care residents.

    What is the Busy Board?

    At the top of the board in large letters, it asks “Are You Bored?” – a question that many residents may be asking themselves throughout the day. The board includes six colored envelopes, each with a different type of puzzle or activity inside.

    Some More Busy Board Examples

    Here is a colorful well designed Busy Bored. Depending on your aged care center a Bible-related activity envelope may be enjoyed by your residents. I also like the way they have included a cup mounted to the board which includes coloring pens and textas.

    Here is a creatively Bee-themed “Buzzy Board” complete with Bee inspired colors and it also has a Fun Fact sheet for the month of August.

    This looks like an Autumn themed Busy Board, with everything from Puzzles to Spiritual activities.

    Ideas for your Envelopes

    1. Mazes: Mazes are a great way to challenge the mind and improve hand-eye coordination. They’re also a lot of fun! Inside this envelope, residents will find a variety of mazes of varying difficulty levels.

    1. Word Search: Word searches are another classic puzzle that many aged care residents enjoy. Inside this envelope, residents will find a range of word searches that focus on different themes, such as animals, sports, and famous people.

    1. Colouring Pages: Many people find colouring to be a relaxing and meditative activity. Inside this envelope, residents will find a selection of colouring pages that feature different designs and themes.

    1. Crosswords: Seniors get a great deal of joy in completing crosswords, they are a great way to challenge the mind, reminisce and bring a feeling of accomplishment. Inside your crossword envelope, residents will find a range of crossword puzzles that vary in difficulty level. We have many crosswords for seniors that are free to download, find the list below.
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    1. Daily News Puzzles: Staying up-to-date with current events can be difficult for aged care residents. Inside this envelope, residents will find a selection of puzzles that are based on current news stories.

    1. Sudoku: Sudoku is a popular puzzle game that challenges the mind and improves logic skills. Inside this envelope, residents will find a selection of Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels. If you are looking for Sudoku puzzles to add to your busy board you can fine some of our free printables below.
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    How to Use the Busy Board

    The Busy Board is designed to be used as a self-directed activity for residents. Each envelope is labeled with the type of activity inside, so residents can choose the puzzle or activity that they’re most interested in. The board is also a great way to encourage social interaction between residents, as they can work on the puzzles together or discuss the news stories.

    Benefits of Using the Busy Board

    The Bored Board offers a range of benefits for aged care residents, including:

    • Stimulating the mind and improving cognitive function
    • Reducing feelings of boredom and loneliness
    • Providing a sense of community and encouraging social interaction
    • Offering a range of activities that cater to different interests and skill levels

    In conclusion, the Busy Board is a fantastic way to keep aged care residents engaged, entertained, and mentally stimulated. By providing a range of activities and puzzles, residents can choose the activities that interest them the most and work on them independently or with others. Try implementing a Busy Board in your aged care facility and see the positive impact it can have on your residents’ well-being.

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