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    Bring the Excitement of Las Vegas to Your Aged Care Facility!

    Dear aged care facilitators, are you looking for engaging activities for your senior residents? Want to create a fun and social event that everyone will enjoy? Memory Lane Therapy might have something for you. Transform your space into a Las Vegas-themed casino experience!

    Senior lady playing casino card game

    How to Facilitate an Aged Care Casino Day

    This blog post will show you everything you need to know to host a successful casino day for seniors in your aged care facility. We’ll cover setting the scene, choosing safe and entertaining casino games, and making sure everyone has a blast.

    Ready to roll the dice on some fun? Let’s get started!

    seniors playing casino card game

    1. Send out Invitations

    Send out fancy casino style invitations to friends, families, and seniors alike. State the date, time and the venue where the casino event will be happening. You can download this readymade invitation card in a PDF provided below.

    Casino Day in Aged Care Invitation

    2. Set a Dress Code

    Let’s glam it up! Tell everyone to dress in their best clothes for a little glamour. Provide sample pictures and models for reference. Encourage the seniors to dress well for a smoother activity.

    dressed up senior man in aged care
    dressed up seniors in aged care

    Seniors, don’t worry about going over the top – dressing up can be as simple as adding a statement piece like a fancy hat or a feathered headband. Feeling your best can contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for everyone!

    3. Transform the Room to a Las Vegas Casino

    Decorate and transform the room to make it feel like a Las Vegas Casino! You could use something simple like fairy lights draped around the room. Go with a red, black, and white theme with hints of gold or silver tinsel hanging and balloons in bunches and use shimmering material to drape on tables.

    Casino day in aged care design
    Casino day in aged care balloon design

    Have large playing cards mounted on the walls and windows and make large dice out of cardboard to place around the room. Prepare a welcome to Las Vegas or a huge casino poster, this would make for a great photo opportunity that you could take on the day and then share the photos in your next community newsletter. Also have tables and chairs scattered for seating and also gambling tables set up to play games with staff or volunteers acting as croupiers.

    casino day balloon design

    4. Play the Right Kind of Music 

    Let them feel the casino vibe! As residents arrive, the sounds of classic crooners like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Dean Martin will fill the air, setting the stage for a sophisticated and glamorous casino experience.

    5. Distribute Fake Bills 

    To add to the excitement, everyone entering the casino will receive $100 in fun bills for wagering. These denominations will be a mix of smaller bills for added convenience during your gameplay. You can print the fake bills or you can buy them at your nearest shopping centers.

    fake bills for seniors in aged care

    Looking for printable money bills for your casino event? As a Premium Member, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Printable Banknotes, perfect for adding a touch of realism to your casino event. Join us today and elevate your events with our unique and exciting materials!

    6. Ready for the Casino Games

    Set up some games for seniors to play around the aged care casino room. Some of the suggestions are:

    • Chocolate Wheel: Use the classic Chocolate Wheel as one of your casino games. Charge at least $5 per spin. Have spots with money prizes on the wheel, as well as spots with no prizes. You can create your own wheel using the video provided below or you can also buy one at your local store.
    • High-Low: One of the most famous casino game is the “High-Low” or “High Card Low Card” game. Place a card face up and have the player guess if the next card out is higher or lower. Charge at least $5 per guess.
    aged care group playing casino game
    • 21/Blackjack, Poker and other Card Games: Of course, the casino won’t be complete without the iconic card games. Ready the essential materials for these card games. Some card games can be purchased with a green table mat, chips and cards included.
    elderly lady playing card game in aged care

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    7. Provide Poker Gambling Chips 

    Trade your fake dollars for gambling chips to use at the game tables. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or a trip to the local mall, poker chips are readily available on platforms like AliExpress and Amazon, or at nearby retailers.

    poker chips and cards

    8. Set Up a Photo Booth

    Transport the seniors to the heart of Vegas with a dazzling Las Vegas-inspired photo booth! Get ready for some “golden years” glamour with a variety of casino-themed props to play with – think feather boas, oversized dice, and maybe even some sequined showgirl glasses!

    Casino Day in aged care photo booth
    Casino Day in aged care photo booth props

    9. Open a Casino Bar

     A casino experience is not complete without decent drinks. Set up a casino bar with mocktails, fizzy drinks in fancy glasses, healthy snacks that the seniors would enjoy, and decorative swivel sticks.

    Casino day in aged care casino bar
    aged care coordinators setting up casino day casino bar

    10. Provide some Entertainment

    Maximize the entertainment! Depending on your budget, consider booking a talented live performer. Popular choices for senior audiences often include Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra impersonators.

    Elvis Presley impersonators
    aged care staff assisting elderly woman singing

    For a more interactive option, set up a fun karaoke corner complete with a song list featuring classic hits from their era. This allows residents to belt out their favorites and share some laughs!

    11. Dress the Staff

    Have staff dress like casino staff in white shirts and black pants or skirts. Have staff and volunteers serve finger food on silver trays and offer drinks to the residents.

    aged care staff dressed up as casino staff

    You can also assign some of the staff as waiters and bartenders for your casino bar. Use the image provided below as reference on how you should dress your staff.

    Gamble Responsibly

    A casino experience can be a delightful and enjoyable way to bring back memories of youth and excitement. It’s important, though, to remind everyone to gamble responsibly. Keep gentle reminders that everything is best in moderation and that too much of anything can be harmful. 

    seniors in aged care sitting with staffs in a casino table

    Let’s keep the fun safe and enjoyable to maximize our casino experience!

    Contact Us!

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