Arts and crafts for seniors

Making Fruit Kebabs

This is a no-cook creative food activity that will bring lots of joy to seniors during activity time. When fruit is plentiful and in season this can be the perfect and healthy activity to enjoy in a group setting.

Drying and Pressing Flowers

This is great activity to enjoy with seniors and residents in aged care, I remember doing this activity as a young girl with my grandmother it was always very enjoyable even though it was a time-consuming project.

Picture Frame Decorating

Allow everyone to use the available decorating materials to get creative. They really enjoy making them and they can keep the frames for themselves to put in their rooms or sell them at your fundraiser.

Scrapbooking with Magazines

Doing a craft activity with magazines is fun and gives much to talk about. See how many pictures everyone can find and talk about the pictures found. Put all the pictures in groups on the table, flowers pics together, car pictures together etc.

Memory Boxes

A collection of old items in a memory box can help rekindle memories, scented items are really powerful in triggering autobiographical memories from previous parts of our life, this can create a positive stimulation for people living with dementia.

Painting using Leaves

This is a great art activity for Seniors that everyone can enjoy and create a beautiful piece of art work. These types of simple creative activities can be enjoyed by a person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, It’s an activity that turns out well giving everyone who participates a sense of achievement.

The Wishing Tree

We were pleasantly surprised at how great this idea worked! We made two trees as there were at least 80 residents in our residential care home and we invited them all to make a wish on the trees. My co-worker got her husband to make a tree out