Festive Activities

Activities for St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th can be a fun and eventful day in aged care, below is a collection of activities for you to include in this year’s St Patrick’s Day Festivities.

Valentine’s Quiz

Valentine’s Day is arriving again and what better way to get our senior residents in care into the spirit of love than with a good old quiz! Below is a list of questions and answers for the quiz. If you wish to print it out there is a PDF version, just click the button below.

New Year’s Eve in Aged Care

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in aged care doesn’t have to be too challenging, of course, we don’t all sit up till midnight waiting for the year to turn into a new one but you can create a fantastic day time party to celebrate the new year.

Christmas Quiz for Seniors

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a fun Quiz we have created for your Christmas Celebrations. We hope you and your senior residents have a fun day! Click the link below for the printable version.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar | Thanksgiving for Seniors

Doing craft and cooking activities during Thanksgiving is a great way to bring family and friends together. For seniors living with Alzheimer’s activities like this can be therapeutic helping to take the mind off stresses and enjoy the moment.

Father’s Day Paper Ribbon Award

All the Dads in your aged care center can be the “Best in the World!” Why not have the ladies in care make this award ribbon craft and present to the men on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day in aged care

Father’s Day is a very special celebration and planning the day with some thoughtful activities will help make it fun and enjoyable for all residents, guests, friends, and family.

Easter Bunny Ball Toss

Use the large cardboard box and make it into the Easter bunny shape. Leave a big fan-shaped hole for the mouth and glue its tongue from red painted cardboard.
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