New Year’s Eve in Aged Care

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in aged care doesn’t have to be too challenging, of course, we don’t all sit up till midnight waiting for the year to turn into a new one but you can create a fantastic day time party to celebrate the new year.

Christmas Quiz for Seniors

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a fun Quiz we have created for your Christmas Celebrations. We hope you and your senior residents have a fun day! Click the link below for the printable version.

Making Fruit Kebabs

This is a no-cook creative food activity that will bring lots of joy to seniors during activity time. When fruit is plentiful and in season this can be the perfect and healthy activity to enjoy in a group setting.

Drying and Pressing Flowers

This is great activity to enjoy with seniors and residents in aged care, I remember doing this activity as a young girl with my grandmother it was always very enjoyable even though it was a time-consuming project.

Table Games for Light Movement

I’m always keen to take new activity products to trial at work and watch how my residents enjoy using them especially my residents who have dementia. This week I took in a Skittle set and the cute stackable Penguin game to play with them. Both games came in a clear PVC carry bags with a sturdy zipper.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar | Thanksgiving for Seniors

Doing craft and cooking activities during Thanksgiving is a great way to bring family and friends together. For seniors living with Alzheimer’s activities like this can be therapeutic helping to take the mind off stresses and enjoy the moment.

Puzzle Table

Starting a new position as an Activity Coordinator is a challenge for anyone. New residents to meet getting to know their capabilities and what activities they enjoy doing.

Reminiscing in the 50’s and 60’s Kitchen

I am lucky enough to have collected and inherited many old kitchen utensils which I display in my outdoor kitchen complete with an old ‘Everhot’ wood stove. I’m always on the lookout at op shops and car boot sales for old and unusual items that I can add to my collection.