Name that Tune ♫ ♪

Music can have a profound effect on the elderly and those living with memory loss. I encourage all aged care workers to incorporate some music activities into their calendar.

AFL Football Grand Final Day Celebrations

For the first time in 123 years the Australian Football Grand Final will be held in Queensland at the Gabba on Saturday, October the 24th and for the first time it will be a night game with a 6:30 local time start making it 7:30 AEDT and 4:30 Western Australian time.

Activities for seniors with limited vision

A common question I am asked from people working in aged care is what and how to plan for seniors living with limited vision. I recommend focussing on the other senses – touch, smell, taste, and hearing to create enjoyable activities.

Father’s Day Paper Ribbon Award

All the Dads in your aged care center can be the “Best in the World!” Why not have the ladies in care make this award ribbon craft and present to the men on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day in aged care

Father’s Day is a very special celebration and planning the day with some thoughtful activities will help make it fun and enjoyable for all residents, guests, friends, and family.

Elvis Theme Day

Elvis Presley is an icon to many around the world and even more so to the older generation. Many of our seniors in care were in their youth when Elvis was a superstar on TV and radio and these would be great memories to them.

Elvis Presley Quiz

Elvis was a big part of the lives of our seniors in aged care. His rise to fame began during the 1950s and went on for 2 decades

Independence Day

If you have American residents or just love to celebrate special days on the calendar here is a few ideas to celebrate Independence Day – 4th of July.

Mothers Day Quiz

Here is a Mothers Day Quiz we have put together for you to share with your senior residents in aged care.