Social Activities for Seniors

How to host a 1960s Hippy Day

The staff and I recently held a 1960’s day in our aged care center and it was a huge success with the residents. In this article, I am sharing some of the key points and some photos to help inspire you when holding your own 1960’s day.

Table Games for Light Movement

I’m always keen to take new activity products to trial at work and watch how my residents enjoy using them especially my residents who have dementia. This week I took in a Skittle set and the cute stackable Penguin game to play with them. Both games came in a clear PVC carry bags with a sturdy zipper.

Puzzle Table

Starting a new position as an Activity Coordinator is a challenge for anyone. New residents to meet getting to know their capabilities and what activities they enjoy doing.

Reminiscing in the 50’s and 60’s Kitchen

I am lucky enough to have collected and inherited many old kitchen utensils which I display in my outdoor kitchen complete with an old ‘Everhot’ wood stove. I’m always on the lookout at op shops and car boot sales for old and unusual items that I can add to my collection.

Name that Tune ♫ ♪

Music can have a profound effect on the elderly and those living with memory loss. I encourage all aged care workers to incorporate some music activities into their calendar.

Elvis Theme Day

Elvis Presley is an icon to many around the world and even more so to the older generation. Many of our seniors in care were in their youth when Elvis was a superstar on TV and radio and these would be great memories to them.

Day Spa for Mothers Day

While working in Aged Care we decided one Mothers Day to create a Day Spa where all our ladies could come and be spoilt and pampered for the afternoon and it was a huge hit! We created our Day Spa year after year because everyone loved it so much.

Pool Noodle Horse Race

This is a great game to play to celebrate your major Horse Racing Events.  You will need ✿ a swimming noodle – the skinnier ones work best (one per horse)
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