Therapeutic Activities for Seniors

Activities for seniors with limited vision

A common question I am asked from people working in aged care is what and how to plan for seniors living with limited vision. I recommend focussing on the other senses – touch, smell, taste, and hearing to create enjoyable activities.

Relaxation & Meditation Group

While working in residential aged care I was asked if someone in our team would like to run a meditation group. I have always practiced and been interested in meditation so I jumped at the chance to run the weekly group in our facility.

Pet Therapy

There is no doubt about the benefits of Pet Therapy in Aged Care. The animals bring comfort, companionship and joy to those who participate and insight memories of much loved family pets from the past.

Gardening with succulents

Allot of people loved gardening when they were living independently at home. A really great activity to do with everyone is to collect old crockery from op shops and goodwill stores. We had a really good recycling shop at our local rubbish tip where people could drop of homewares, furniture etc and I would buy […]

Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As an Activity Coordinator music plays a large part in my therapy programme. Music is a powerful tool to reach your residents, people who cannot communicate will sing, it is a wonderful thing to witness and such a great therapy.

Nurturing Therapy using simulated pets and babies

This therapy with observations and family support can bring much comfort and joy to many people. Most residents at some point in their life have had close bonds with babies and much loved pets, so the benefits of introducing them back into their lives can be comforting giving them a sense of purpose, bring back […]