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    Many of our Seniors in aged care grew up with Western and cowboy Movies. Movie stars like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne were big icons and were a big part of growing up. Reminisce in your activity time in aged care with this Cowboy Movie quiz with all questions and answers from the golden era of Cowboy Movies!

    The A4 printable version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of the page.

    What actor was known as The Duke and appeared in the movie True Grit?
    (A) John Wayne

    What was John Wayne’s real name?
    (A) Marion Morrison

    Known as the Singing Cowboy and starring in movies and his own television show his signature song was “Back in the Saddle Again”? 
    (A) Gene Autry

    Known as “The King of Cowboys”, and one of the most popular Western stars of his era. He appeared in over 100 films and many radio & television shows in his name. He had a golden horse called Trigger and a German Shepherd dog called Bullet? 
    (A) Roy Rogers

    Born in 1930 this actor also became a director & producer, he was famous in cowboy movies such as Hang Em High, Pale Rider, Unforgiven & the movie Escape from Alcatraz? 
    (A) Clint Eastwood

     He started his career as a stunt rider in movies then became a popular actor starting in silent movies then his first sound movie The Virginian in the early 1930s. He starred in the movie High Noon also Garden of Evil & Fighting Caravans. He was also known as Coop? 
    (A) Gary Cooper

    Retiring after 27 years in the military ranked a Major General he began his acting career. Known for his distinctive drawl in the movies Cheyenne Autumn, Winchester ’73, How the West was Won, Liberty Valance, Shenandoah. Also in the movies It’s a Wonderful Life & The Glen Miller Story? 
    (A) James Stewart

    Wearing a black hat and riding a horse called Topper? 
    (A) Hopalong Cassidy

    Starring in movies such as The Yearling, How the West was Won, Big Country, Mackennas Gold, The Guns of Navarone & To Kill a Mockingbird? 
    (A) Gregory Peck

    Starring in Maverick, Support you Local Sheriff, Support your Local Gunfighter and as Bret Maverik?  
    (A) James Garner

    Starring in Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Hombre and Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid & Cool Handed Luke? 
    (A) Paul Newman

    Who said “Hi Ho Silver Away?”
    (A) The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger had a side kick who was he and what was his name? 
    (A) Tonto – a native Indian companion

    What colour bullets did the Lone Ranger shoot from his gun in the 1981 feature film? 
    (A) Silver – he was told silver bullets shot straighter and were more solid

    A very popular TV show from 1950 – 1956 starring a Mexican cowboy and his jovial sidekick Pancho? 
    (A) The Cisco Kid

    Name the characters in Bonanza the father and three sons?  
    (A) Ben Cartwright, Little Joe, Adam & Hoss

    Ben Cartwright was played by actor? 
    (A) Lorne Greene

    Marshall Matt Dillion in Gunsmoke was played by actor? 
    (A) James Arness

    The life and adventures of the Ingall’s family living on a farm in Minnesota. What was the name of the show starring Michael Landon? 
    (A) Little House on the Prairie

    Amanda Blake played a red headed saloon owner “Miss Kitty Russell”, in a western TV show what was the show called? 
    (A) Gunsmoke

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