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    If you’re looking for a delightful art and craft activity that’s both charming and budget-friendly, then decorating jars is just the craft for you! You don’t need to look far-those empty, clean glass jars from your kitchen or the facility’s kitchen can be the canvas for your artistic expression. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into this fun and pretty project that seniors will surely enjoy.

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    Materials Needed :

    • Empty clean, washed glass jars
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon or string
    • Pretty stickers
    • Dried pressed flowers
    • Decorative paper serviettes (napkins)
    • Mod Podge (a magical crafting glue)
    • Optional: Battery-operated candles or lollies/sweets for an added touch

    Craft Away, Creativity Awaits!

    Hand out the glass jars to each resident, and watch their creativity take flight. The possibilities are endless! You can use colorful stickers that effortlessly stick to the outside of the jars, or cut out beautifully decorated napkins or dried flowers. To apply, simply brush a coat of Mod Podge onto the jar, press the chosen decoration or flower on it, and then add another coat of Mod Podge to seal the deal. The best part? The Mod Podge dries clear, leaving behind a lovely, polished look.

    A Finishing Touch:

    To add that final touch of elegance, encourage seniors to tie a pretty ribbon or string around the neck of the jar. Now, these jars can serve multiple purposes-they can hold battery-operated candles, creating a warm and cozy ambiance in their rooms, or they can double up as delightful lolly/ sweet jars. And don’t forget to keep the jar lids handy to seal in the sweetness.

    Here are some examples of some beautiful decorative jars seniors made in residential aged care.

    So, gather your residents around for this crafty adventure, where decorating jars becomes an opportunity for self-expression and a chance to brighten up their living spaces. It’s a craft that’s sure to put a smile on their faces and leave them with lovely keep sakes to cherish. Let the decorating fun begin!

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