Early Signs of Dementia

Growing older isn’t easy. We suffer with aches and pains and find it hard to do day to day things which we found easy in the past. What would it be like to have Alzheimers disease or Dementia and what are the symptoms of early dementia? We all get forgetful from time to time but when it becomes a real problem as maybe forgetting peoples names, trouble remembering close friends or relatives. Trouble problem solving as completing a certain task or working out how to get from A to B. Forgetting to pay bills or arrive at an appointment, forgetting to turn things off or follow instructions. Maybe your speech has been affected your words seem mixed up when speaking. You might remember something that happened 20 years ago but find it hard to remember what you did this morning. Your behavior might have changed you might become difficult to deal with become unsociable and not wont to go out even staying in bed most of the day. You could become unreasonable and argue with loved ones or accuse them of things they might not have done. When someone is showing signs of early dementia they will know something is wrong with them but think they are just not feeling very well. Someone living with a person with early dementia may find them grumpy, depressed and uninterested in daily activities hobbies, shopping or visiting friends, things they use to find pleasurable. Dementia is not something elderly people will only suffer with younger people can also suffer as young as 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Early diagnosis can be helped with medication to slow the disease down but as yet there is no known cure.


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