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    Memory Lane Therapy presents the “Famous Phrases Quiz for Seniors”! Test the knowledge of residents in aged care with these popular phrases and sayings we have put together especially for activity coordinators to share over morning tea or during any time of the day you would like to get your group talking.

    Below, you’ll find incomplete phrases with missing words, and your task is to select the correct missing word from the options provided. Let’s get started!

    There is an A4 printable version of the quiz found via the link at the bottom of this page.

    Ready? Answer the Quiz Now!

    1. The Great Wall of?
      (A) China
    2. Deep in the Heart of?
      (A) Texas
    3. The Merchant of?
      (A) Venice
    4. Pennies from?
      (A) Heaven
    5. Helen of?
      (A) Troy
    6. Lloyds of?
      (A) London
    7. The White Cliffs of?
      (A) Dover
    8. The Hunchback of?
      (A) Notre Dame
    9. The Wizard of?
      (A) Oz
    10. Alice in?
      (A) Wonderland
    11. Princess Grace of?
      (A) Monaco
    12. Babes in the?
      (A) Woods
    13. Don’t bite the hand that?
      (A) Feeds you
    14. Bite the?
      (A) Bullet
    15. Cat got your?
      (A) Tongue
    16. Waking up on the wrong side of?
      (A) The bed
    17. When in Rome do as?
      (A) The Romans do
    18. You’re barking up the wrong?
      (A) Tree
    19. I’m going to paint the town?
      (A) Red
    20. I’ve changed my mind and got cold?
      (A) Feet

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Famous Phrases Quiz for Seniors