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    Unwrapping the Joy of Felt Craft

    Delve into the holiday spirit with a delightful Christmas craft tailored for seniors in aged care. This simple and enjoyable activity is perfect for group sessions in the weeks leading up to Christmas, fostering a festive atmosphere and encouraging creativity among residents.

    Crafting Materials to Spread Holiday Cheer

    Gather the following materials to kickstart your Felt Fabric Christmas Ornaments project:

    • Felt
    • Ribbon and/or string
    • Pattern pieces
    • Scissors
    • Needle and embroidery thread
    • Stuffing
    • Beads

    Step-by-Step Festive Fun

    Follow these simple steps to create charming felt Christmas tree ornaments:

    1. Cut and Trace: Begin by tracing and cutting around cardboard tree shapes to serve as templates for your ornaments.

    2. Double the Joy: Create two layers for each ornament – a back and a front, adding dimension and vibrancy to your Christmas tree.

    3. Trunk Time: Cut out two small rectangles to serve as tree trunks, adding a touch of authenticity to your festive creations.

    4. Sewing Magic: Skillfully sew around the edges of both the tree and the trunk, leaving a strategic opening for stuffing.

    5. Stuff and Seal: Fill your ornament with cotton stuffing, then skillfully seal the opening. Attach the trunk securely to the tree.

    6. Beads of Delight: Elevate the festive appeal by adding small beads as decorations. These beads will add a touch of sparkle and personalized charm.

    7. Hang with Glee: Complete your Felt Christmas Tree ornament by attaching a ribbon or string at the top, ready to adorn the holiday tree with joy.

    We have also provided a video demonstration below with a Snowman and Reindeer option using the same materials and technique.

    Crafting Connections, One Ornament at a Time

    This heartwarming craft not only produces beautiful decorations but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared creativity. As residents engage in this festive activity, the room will be filled with laughter and the spirit of the season.

    Embrace the joy of crafting and create lasting memories with Felt Fabric Christmas Ornaments – a perfect blend of creativity and festive spirit for seniors in aged care.

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