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    Here is a general knowledge quiz we have put together to share with your residents in aged care. Challenge the mind and test their knowledge covering a wide range of topics, this can be enjoyed as a fun and social activity anytime!

    If someone is descending are the going up or down?

    What is the Italian word for pie?  

    By what title is the Bishop of Rome known as?
    The Pope.

    Who wrote the Wind in the Willows?
    Kenneth Grahame.

    What does a Frogman wear on his feet?

    What is the name of the largest castle in the capital of Scotland?
    Edinburgh Castle.

    What is the name of the sweet liquid collected by Bees?

    What 3 letter word is the name of a fox’s home?

    Do Reptiles have cold or warm blood?

    What sea creature has 3 hearts and 8 arms?
    An Octopus.

    What is the national flower of Wales?

    How many teeth does an Aardvark have?

    Name the largest member of the cat family.

    How many humps does a Bactrian Camel have?

    What part of the body is treated by an Optician?

    The star sign of Leo is what animal?

    Nag is a slang word for what animal?
    A Horse.

    What are the tall poles carved by Native American Indians called?  
    Totem Poles.

    Which alcoholic drink is also the name given to the left side of a ship?

    What type of weapon is a Cutlass?  
    A short-curved sword.

    In the nursery rhythm who lost her sheep?
    Little Bo-Peep.

    What type of food is a Cock-a-leekie?


    What kind of animal was Disney’s Dumbo?

    In the fairytale who climbed the beanstalk and fought with a giant?

    In Greek mythology who’s face was said to launch a thousand ships?
    Helen of Troy.

    In what year did World War 2 start?

    What were the followers of Oliver Cromwell called?

    Which British Queen died in 1901?  
    Queen Victoria.

    What country shares its name with a bird that is traditionally eaten at
    Christmas and Thanksgiving?


    In sea going terms, what is the opposite of port?

    What is the name given to the tombs of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt?
    The Pyramids.

    What is the 4 letter word given to a Ballerinas skirt starting with the letter T?

    What is found at the end of Noddys hat?
    A bell.

    How many lives is a Cat said to have?

    Which famous Detective was known to say, Elementary my dear Watson?
    Sherlock Holmes.

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