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    This quiz is designed for seniors in aged care who are looking for an enjoyable way to keep their minds active and engaged. It features 22 questions covering a range of topics, from language and culture to geography and everyday objects. The quiz is perfect for group activities or solo play, and the questions are carefully chosen to be challenging yet fun.

    Taking part in quizzes like this one can have a range of benefits for seniors, including improving memory and cognitive function, boosting mood and social interaction, and providing a sense of accomplishment. So whether you’re a senior looking for an entertaining way to pass the time, or a caregiver searching for engaging activities for your residents, this quiz is a great choice. Give it a try and see how many questions you can answer correctly!

    Click the link at the bottom of the page for the A4 printable version.

    Back of the neck? (A) Nape
    Name of Opium flower? (A) Poppy
    The right side of a ship? (A) Starboard
    An exploding device? (A) Bomb
    Essential overseas travel document? (A) Passport
    To take and use something belonging to someone else then return it? (A) Borrow
    A large bag made from hessian or brown paper? (A) Sack
    Placed in an infant’s mouth to soothe and suckle? (A) Pacifier
    A word to describe a very skilled musician able to play and perform something very well? (A) Talented
    A name for school work to be completed by students after school?
    (A) Homework
    A name for a quick haircut? (A) Trim
    A piece of furniture – coffee? (A) Table
    Number in a trio? (A) 3
    Singer’s first name, Ronstadt? (A) Linda
    Leaning Tower of? (A) Pisa
    Name of a shop where cakes, bread, pies and pastries are made?
    (A) Bakery
    A word to describe feeling deeply sorry and remorseful? (A) Regretful
    A name for the tiredness caused by a long flight? (A) Jet lag
    A three-letter word for a baby’s bed? (A) Cot
    A word starting with F describing amusing? (A) Funny
    A stinging plant? (A) Nettle
    A three-letter word describing gambling? (A) Bet
    A beverage made from leaves? (A) Tea
    What salad ingredient is also known as the Love Apple? (A) Tomato
    Sixty minutes is also known as? (A) One hour

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