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    Enjoy this German trivia quiz during activity time in aged care.

    Name the largest beer drinking festival in the world hosted in Germany annually?
    (A) Oktoberfest

    German authors Brothers Grimm wrote two very famous children’s stories??
    (A) Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Little Red riding Hood.

    A German fruit bread eaten at Christmas is called?
    (A) Stollen

    A 17 year old German player won Wimbledon in 1985 what was his name?
    (A) Boris Becker

    A  Formula One German driver known as one of the best Formula One drivers ever is Michael?
    (A) Schumacher

    The capitol of Germany is?
    (A) Berlin

    Name a famous German composer who went deaf but still composed by placing his ear on his piano?
    (A) Ludwig van Beethoven

    What currency is used in Germany?
    (A) Euro

    What wall in German separated the country ?
    (A) The Berlin Wall

    How long was the Berlin Wall?
    (A) 155km

      What color is the German flag?
    (A) Red, black & gold

     What is sauerkraut?
    (A) Pickled cabbage

    What car was known as the “Peoples Car” built in Germany in 1938?
    (A) Volkswagen or VW

    What luxury car has been manufactured in Germany for many years and displays a three pointed star badge on the bonnet ?
    (A) Mercedes

     What German dance is known as the “Dance of Ribbons” done around a pole?
    (A) Maypole Dance

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