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    Here is one to get them reminiscing! Welcome to Memory Lane Therapy’s Trivia Quiz for seniors in aged care. Challenge the mind and test their knowledge about these occupations that were around when they were younger. This can be enjoyed as a fun and social activity anytime!
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    The A4 printable version of the quiz can be found on the link at the bottom of this page.

    1. I would deliver messages to people’s homes and business’s usually on my bike before telephones and better communication were available, my job was very important. I would deliver messages on peoples wedding days from guests that could not attend sometimes the messages were funny. When the war was on if I came to your house with a message it would make the occupants very worried,  what was my occupation?
    (A) Telegram boy or Telegram messenger

    2.         Back in England I would walk through the town streets ringing a bell and yelling out the news and important announcements as many towns people did not read (illiterate) then I would place the day’s news on the local inn’s door for the folks that could read to look at, what was I called?
    (A) Town Crier or Bellman

    3.         I worked in department stores ushering people up and down the floors of the building, I would usually call out at which floor they had arrived at like 3rd floor women’s shoes & mens apparel. What was my profession?
    (A) Elevator Operator

    4.         Before electricity was available I went around the streets providing light and then putting the lights out, they were gas lights, what was my job?
    (A) Lamp Lighter

    5.         I was very popular in the modern home I would get up early and deliver milk & cream in bottles before the day was to warm to spoil it usually leaving it at your front door?
    (A) Milkman

    6.         Before alarm clocks were invented I went house to house tapping on peoples windows or shooting peas into the glass to wake the occupants I was known as a human alarm clock but what was my official title?
    (A) Knocker-upper

    7.         Ten pin bowling is a popular game but before machines were invented to pick up the fallen pins young kids were employed to do so they were known as?
    (A) Pinsetter

    8.         I helped people with phone calls they would have to ask me to help them to connect when phones were new and difficult or ask me for phone numbers?
    (A) Telephonist or Phone Operator

    9.         I worked at a petrol or fuel station I would fill up your car, wash your car windows, check your oil & water for you?
    (A) Petrol Bowser Operator or Fuel Attendant.
    (very rare these days)

    10.       I visited homes door to door selling well made sets of books known to be very useful for school children studying at home. The books were usually bound in leather and numbered you could pay off a set by instalments payments, I was known as?
    (A) Encyclopaedia Salesperson

    11.       I worked in an office and was trained to scribble down notes quickly then type them out on a typewriter?
    (A) Shorthand Typist

    12.       I was paid by Doctors and Medical people to collect blood sucking creatures that were thought to cure diseases in their patients through blood letting. I would use my own legs or legs of animals to stand in water to collect these sucking creatures?
    (A) Leech Collector

    13.       I would deliver big cold blocks to your house or business to keep your food cold usually placed in timber cupboards with zinc or tin lined walls?
    (A) Ice Man

    14.       I worked at night clubs, sporting events and would wear a uniform, pillar hat and carry my goods in a tray that was hung around my neck. The items I sold were very popular but these days looked down on and considered bad for your health, so my occupation does no longer exist?
    (A) Cigarette Girl

    15.       I would be employed to try someones meal if they were Royal or important to see if the meal was poisoned?
    (A) Food Taster

    16.       I was employed in the Victorian era to collect and kill rodents a job mostly done by young boys?
    (A) Rat Catcher

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