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    Raise the spirits of our cherished seniors with our captivating Hobby Trivia Questions activity! Unlock heartwarming memories as they delve into their favorite pastimes. Crafted with a profound understanding of aged care, this engaging quiz is sure to ignite joy, laughter, and a sense of unity among your beloved seniors.

    What Hobby Trivia Questions Quiz Has to Offer

    Explore the world of hobbies, reminisce about cherished pastimes, and create unforgettable moments. Unleash the power of shared interests to enrich their lives – an enjoyable experience they’ll surely cherish!

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    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable version.

    Answer the Quiz Now!

    1. Some people just love flowers and their gardens what do you call cutting flowers and bringing them inside to display and enjoy?  

    (A) Flower arranging

    2.This game can be played alone or with friends it is played on grass and there is a lot of walking involved unless you have a buggy. You also need a set of clubs?

    (A) Golf

    3.This game involves two people and a maximum of four, you need a racquet, ball and a net. Sometimes played on grass or a sealed court?

    (A) Tennis

    4.This game is played on a green, they have clubs to join and you may have to wear a white uniform. The idea is to roll your ball as close to the jack as you can to win?  

    (A) Lawn bowls

    5.A weekly get together were a group gets together to make different items to give as gifts to family and friends or to sell at a fete or fundraiser. Some people are really talented and make some wonderful items out of all kinds of things?

    (A) Craft Group

    Part Two of the Hobby Trivia Quiz

    6.A great hobby were you use a small hook, wool, cotton or yarn to make blankets, doilies, clothing etc:?  

    (A) Crochet

    7.This hobby needs two needles and wool to create items?  

    (A) Knitting

    8.This hobby is like creating edible art, first you bake then decorate your creations always in demand for birthdays, weddings, Christmas and many more celebrations?  

    (A) Cake decorating

    9.Find a quiet corner put your feet up and enjoy this very popular hobby. You can go and get materials from the library, specialty shops, newsagents and secondhand stores. The contents will take you away on wonderful adventures or teach you something you would like to learn its called?  

    (A) Reading

    10.You can do this hobby by yourself, with a friend or in a group.  All you need is comfortable shoes and the great outdoors?  

    (A) Walking

    Part Three of the Hobby Trivia Quiz

    11.If you enjoy making your children’s clothes, making your own dresses and making beautiful cushions and curtains for your home your hobby is?  

    (A) Sewing

    12.If you love flowers and pot plants, growing you own vegetables your hobby is?

    (A) Gardening

    13.If you like the outdoors and have a love for horses a saddle and a bridle your hobby is?  

    (A) Horse riding

    14.A very popular sport for men, women and children. It is played inside in a square room and you hit a rubber ball against the walls with a racquet playing in pairs or in fours?  

    (A) Squash

    15.This hobby can be enjoyed winter or summer all you need is a pool, the beach and a pair of bathers?  

    (A) Swimming

    Part Four of the Hobby Trivia Quiz

    16.This hobby is better playing in teams or against another person. Men and women love this game it has special round board on the wall, each player has three sharp pointed missiles with flights on them which they throw at the board to score. Its a great pub game?  

    (A) Darts

    17.This sporting hobby has a bat and ball. Two teams of eleven players face off in a game played on a field with a pitch and wickets.

    (A) Cricket

    18.Going to garage sales, markets and junk shops to buy things from the past, old furniture, kitchenware, old toys, paintings etc: its a hobby of collecting?  


    19.These items have been collected for years making some of the items worth a lot of money. You curate an album to showcase your collection, with most items having arrived via letters or purchased directly from a post office.

    (A) Stamp collecting

    20.A great source of exercise it can be done alone or in a group of people put the music on and start to move. A wonderful social hobby?  


    Key Takeaway

    The Hobby Trivia Questions: Quiz for Seniors offers a fun way to test knowledge on favorite pastimes. It can spark conversation, reminisce about shared experiences, and keep minds active in a stimulating and enjoyable way.

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