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    Check out our Holiday Quiz & Reminiscing Questions for Seniors! Traveling is an activity we have all done at some point in our lives – whether it’s a trip overseas or with family and friends camping it leaves us with a lasting impression and fond memories.

    elderly man facilitating Holiday Quiz & Reminiscing Questions for Seniors

    Let’s share some trivia with our senior residents on this topic followed by some reminiscing questions to allow them to share their own travel memories with us.

    Check Out the Holiday Quiz & Reminiscing Questions Now!

    1. Something needed to be stamped to go overseas?
      (A) Passport
    2. To buy tax-free items at the airport?
      (A) Duty-Free
    3. Put up to sleep in on camping holidays, can be secured with pegs in the ground?
      (A) Tent
    4. Towed behind a car with all the comforts of home on holidays?
      (A) Caravan
    5. Heavy cast iron pot with a lid to use to cook on the campfire?
      (A) Camp Oven
    6. Great for making toasties over the campfire some are round some a square.
      (A) Jaffle Iron
    7. Placed on the end of a stick and toasted around the campfire?
      (A) Marshmallows
    8. Taken on holidays at the seaside to catch dinner?
      (A) Fishing Rod
    9. A name for bread cooked in the camp oven? (Australian)
      (A) Damper
    10. Something to sleep in that zips up?
      (A) Sleeping Bag

    Reminiscing Questions

    Talking about going on holidays can bring back lots of happy memories here are a few questions to ask the residents to get the conversation flowing.

    1. What was the best holiday that you ever had?
    1. Who did you love going on holidays with – was it the family, your husband, sister, brother or best friend?
    2. Where was your favourite place to go on holiday and why?
    1. Did you enjoy the Christmas holidays? Did the family all get together?
    1. Have you ever been on a boat cruise holiday? If yes, where did you go?
    1. Who collected souvenirs on their holidays to bring home?
    1. Has anyone ever been on a train trip holiday? If you did, where did you go?
    1. If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday where would you go?

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