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    Unveil the enchantment of crafting Chinese Paper Lanterns with our easy guide tailored for seniors in aged care settings. Engage your beloved seniors in a delightful art activity that brings forth creativity and heartfelt smiles. This step-by-step DIY project is designed to ignite the artistic spirits of your seniors, fostering an atmosphere of joy and engagement. Illuminate their days with the warm glow of creativity. Discover how this simple activity can uplift your aged care community

    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable version.

    Materials Needed:

    1. Colored construction paper or origami paper
    2. Scissors
    3. Stapler

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    Step 1:

    • Begin by cutting a short strip off one of the short sides of your paper. Set this strip aside – it will be used as the lantern’s handle.
    • After Cutting, Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

    Step 2:

    • Begin making evenly spaced incisions along the paper, starting from the folded side.
    • Ensure each incision is about 2cm away from the paper’s edge. Visual guidance is available in the provided image.

    Step 3:

    • Unfold the paper and lay it flat.
    • Fold the paper in half once more, this time with the incisions on the outside.
    • The two shorter sides of the paper should meet.

    Step 4:

    • Secure the folded sides by using staples. This forms the foundational shape of your lantern.
    • Remember that strip of paper you set aside? Attach it to the top of the lantern using staples. This will serve as a practical and decorative handle for the lantern.

    Here is an easy to follow instruction video

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