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    Are you searching for an engaging and creative Halloween craft activity for seniors in aged care? Look no further! Join us on an exciting Halloween art and craft adventure as we show you how to repurpose old jars into charming Jack-O-Lanterns.

    These delightful decorations will illuminate your residential aged care home décor and create a memorable experience for our beloved seniors. Let’s come together and craft these adorable Jack-O-Lanterns that will bring a festive spirit to your seniors in time for Halloween.

    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable version.

    Materials Needed:

    1. Clean, empty jar (glass or plastic)
    2. Assorted tissue paper in Halloween colors (orange, black, green)
    3. Decoupage glue
    4. Paintbrush
    5. Scissors
    6. Black construction paper
    7. Pencil
    8. Glue stick
    9. Tea light or battery-operated candle

    Note: Always prioritize safety during crafting activities. Use battery-operated candles instead of real flames for a safer experience.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1.Clean and Prepare the Jar:

    • Ensure the jar is clean and dry.
    • Remove any labels or residue from the jar’s surface.
    • Place the jar upside down on a protected surface to prevent sticking.

    2.Tissue Paper Magic:

    • Cut the tissue paper into small squares or rectangles.
    • Using a paintbrush, apply a thin coat of decoupage glue to a small section of the jar’s surface.
    • Gently press a piece of tissue paper onto the glued area.
    • Continue applying glue and adhering tissue paper pieces until the entire jar is covered. Feel free to overlap and mix colors for a vibrant effect.

    3.Create a Spooky Face:

    • Draw or trace the desired facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) onto the black construction paper using a pencil.
    • Carefully cut out the shapes using scissors.
    • Arrange the facial features on the jar’s surface until you’re satisfied with the design.
    • Once you’re pleased with the arrangement, use a glue stick to secure the facial features onto the jar.

    4.Seal and Set:

    • To ensure your design lasts, carefully apply another coat of decoupage glue over the entire jar, including the tissue paper and facial features.
    • Allow the jar to dry for at least 24 hours. This step will help seal the tissue paper and facial features in place.

    A Finishing Touch:

    To add that final touch of elegance and spookiness, encourage seniors to tie a pretty ribbon or string around the neck of the jar. Place a tea light or battery-operated candle inside the jar, creating a warm and cozy ambiance in their rooms.

    Here are some examples of some beautiful decorative jars seniors made in residential aged care.

    Here is an easy to follow instruction video

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Halloween Craft for Aged Care: Spooky Jack-O-Lanterns