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    Have you ever suggested an exercise program in aged care, only to be met with “I’m too old for that”? We’ve all been there. But what if the key to resident engagement lies not just in the activity itself, but in how we present it? Memory Lane Therapy presents Keep Fit Group Exercise for Seniors in aged care.

    This is where the power of a catchy name comes in. Take my experience at our facility, an Activity Assistant named Toni created a popular program called “Tone Up with Toni.” Held in the activity room with residents seated comfortably in chairs, this program drew in a massive crowd!

    The success of “Tone Up with Toni” got me thinking “How can we create more engaging and inclusive Keep Fit Groups for our residents?”

    In this blog post, I’ll share some insights inspired by Toni’s program, offering tips on how to run a successful Keep Fit Group that gets everyone moving, regardless of age or ability.

    How to Keep Fit Group Exercise

    1. First, create a large space to run the activity. Arrange chairs in a circle, leaving spaces for wheelchairs to fit comfortably within the circle.
    Seniors enjoying the Keep Fit Group Exercise
    1. The activity facilitator should sit in a chair in the center of the circle. For very large groups, seat another assistant or volunteer around the circle at intervals so residents can easily follow the moves.
    Here is a fantastic video that demonstrates how a fitness circle can be run
    1. Have a great list of music playing at the activity, start with lighter music, and add more upbeat songs as the exercise session goes on. This gets everyone in the mood & sets the pace for the exercises. 

    2. Start with slower music to do stretching at the beginning of the activity. After a slower music warmup, play music that has a great beat suggestion. Boot scooting music is great, Rolling on the River, and any older upbeat songs. End with slower music to end the group to cool down.

    3. Come up with a catchy name for your group like Tone Up with Toni, Shake It with Sharon, Boogie with Barbara, or Stretching with Stella.

    4. Provide refreshments at the end of the group to keep everyone hydrated.
    This is a great easy yoga sequence you could host in your keep fit group

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