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    Here is an Melbourne Cup Quiz we have put together to share with your residents in aged care.
    Challenge the mind and test their knowledge.

    What is a mature female horse called?

    What breed of horse is used in Australia for racing?

    What is the piece of metal called that goes in a horses mouth when riding it?

    Where is a fetlock on a horse?

    Where is a wither on a horse?
    between its shoulders

    Where is a frog located on a horse?
    Under its hoof

    What is the name of the racecourse in Melbourne were the cup is run?

    How long is the race for the Melbourne Cup?
    2 miles or 3200 meters

    What is the name of the often bright coloured and patterned jacket & cap jockeys wear when riding in races?
    Colours or silks

    Which famous race horse can be viewed at the Melbourne museum?
    Phar lap

    What is the strap called that goes under a horses stomach to hold the saddle on?

    What colour do you call a horse that has a brown body with a black mane & tail?

    What is the name of the starting gates called that the horses jump out at the beginning of a race?

    What is the shop called in Australia where you go to place a bet?

    What 2 things can a lady wear on her head at the races?
    Hat or fascinator

    The Melbourne Cup is known as the race that?
    stops a nation

    What day of the week in November is the Melbourne Cup run on every year?

    Which week in November on a Tuesday is the Melbourne Cup always run, first week, second, third or last week?

    Who was the first and only lady jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015?
    Michelle Payne

    If a horse is scratched from a race what does this mean?
    It is withdrawn from a race

    If a horse is described as a maiden at the races what does this mean?
    A horse who has never won a race

    When is it a horses birthday in Australia every year?
    August 1st

    What is the name of the person who puts shoes on a horse and cares for their hoof care?

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