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Activities for Seniors | By Debbie Davison
Creating Memory boxes to use in Aged care especially to use in memory care units where people are living with dementia & Alzheimers is very enjoyable for all involved. 

A collection of old items in a memory box can help rekindle memories, scented items are really powerful in triggering autobiographical memories from previous parts of our life, this can create a positive stimulation for people living with dementia. 

Ideas for creating a Memory Box

You can create individual memory boxes using themes such as kitchen, babies, men's shed, holiday and wedding boxes.

A kitchen box would contain old kitchen utensils, old fashioned recipes, aprons, tea cosies and small jars of cinnamon and vanilla.

Collect items for Memory Boxes from charity shops, garage sales or donations.

Old cases or trunks make great Memory Boxes but if unavailable plastic storage containers with lids labelled also make great Memory Boxes.

Mixed Memory Boxes are a great idea too, collect a selection of items and keep them in the one box.

Items such as vinyl records, old postcards and kitchen items.

All these items are sure to bring back many memories and spark wonderful conversation.

Here is a great video taken in the UK trailing this therapy in aged care. 

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Debbie Davison
Debbie is the owner of Memory Lane Therapy and an experienced Activity coordinator for Aged care. Her passion is Music, Arts, Crafts and making people Laugh and Smile.


  • Helen
    Fantastic idea the memory box . And putting in old photos and new ones too.oh and a copy of memory lane DVD and the fantastic cards too.
  • Sharon Kelly
    Love this information

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