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    This is a fun quiz for you to host during Cinco de Mayo Day in aged care or any time of year.

    Click the link at the bottom of the page for the A4 printable version.

    1. A famous actor born in 1915 his birth name was Manuel Antonia Quinn some of his most popular movies were La Strada, Guns of Navarone, Lawrence of Arabia & The shoes of the fisherman, His name is?  
      (A) Anthony Quinn

    2. What is the most popular boys name in Mexico the meaning is “ God is my judge “it is also a very popular name in other countries, Danny is the short version?  (A) Daniel

    3. Finish the motto for Mexico “ Homeland is …..?  (A) First

    4. What is the capitol of Mexico?  (A) Mexico City

    5. What continent is Mexico on?  (A) North America

    6. What is the official language of Mexico?  (A) Spanish

    7. What is a taco?  (A) A crispy or soft corn or wheat tortilla that is folded with a filling of meat or chicken, cheese and lettuce

    8. What is the traditional Mexican music called?  (A) Mariachi

    9. What is the large hat called worn by Mexican men?  
      (A) Sombrero

    10. Mexico is the home of the largest what?  
      (A) Pyramid

    11. What is the national animal of Mexico?  
      (A) Golden Eagle

    12. What is Mexico’s currency?  
      (A) Peso

    13. Also known as an Alligator Pear what is this main ingredient in guacamole?  (A) Avocado

    14. What three colours are in the Mexican flag?  
      (A) Red, white and green

    15. What is the word for party or celebration in Mexico starting with F?  
      (A) Fiesta

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