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    This is a great quiz to facilitate for the annual Oscar awards, or any time of the year really! Enjoy this Movie quiz during activity time in aged care.

    Download and print the A4 version of this quiz, link can be found at the bottom of this page. 

    Who played the King in the movie “The King and I”?
    (A) Yule Brynner 

    Name Scarlett O’Hara’s home in the movie “Gone with the Wind”?
    (A) Tara

    Who was the young girl in “National Velvet”?
    (A) Elizabeth Taylor

    Which Hollywood actress married the Prince of Monaco?
    (A) Grace Kelly

    The Agent 007  is also known as?
    (A) James Bond

    How many days did it take to go around the world in the well-known movie?
    (A) 80 days

    What was the name of the scary movie by Alfred Hitchcock with the famous shower scene at the Bates Motel?
    (A) Psycho

    Which famous actor said “ Play it again Sam” in the movie “Casablanca”?
    (A) Humphrey Bogart

    What is the name of the movie where a Jungle Man swings through the trees and has a girlfriend called Jane?
    (A) Tarzan

    Which famous actor played Inspector Clouseau in the “Pink Panther”?
    (A) Peter Sellers

    Which famous actress was a Nanny and flew around under an umbrella in the movie  “Mary Poppins”?
     (A) Julie Andrews

    What is the name of the actor who plays Rocky a boxing champion?
    (A) Sylvester Stallone

    What movie had this famous line “ I think we need a bigger boat”?
    (A) Jaws 

    What is the name of the little girl in “The Good Ship Lollipop”?
    (A) Shirley Temple

    Who was the lead actor who played a teacher in the movie “Too Sir with Love”?
    (A) Sidney Poitier

    “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” was said by who and in which movie?
    (A) Clarke Gable playing Rhett Butler in the movie “Gone with the Wind

    Who was a swimmer who became a famous film star she was known as Americas Mermaid?
    (A) Esther Williams

    Who was the famous actress and sex symbol born Norma Jean?
    (A) Marilyn Monroe

    What was the name of the famous cowboy actor also known as “The Duke”?
    (A) John Wayne

    In the Musical/Romance movie made in 1954 (The Number) How many Brides for how many Brothers?
    (A) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

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