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    Music can have a profound effect on the elderly and those living with memory loss. I encourage all aged care workers to incorporate some music activities into their calendars.
    Name that Tune is a simple and great music activity to do, it is always fun for everyone to guess the song and to sing-along in the activity.

    How to play: Name that Tune

    ✿ Compile a list of old songs from the golden era – 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc
    ✿ Using a Laptop for playback is most convenient.
    ✿ Connect to a Bluetooth speaker or stereo system so its loud enough for everyone in the room can hear. 

    ✿ Let the song play along and see if anyone can guess. 
    ✿ Pause the song just before the chorus and see if anyone has an answer.
    (Some songs don’t reveal their name till it gets to the chorus.)
    ✿ Once someone has guessed the song you can start the song again and encourage everyone to join in and sing.
    ✿ You can also add to the game by getting residents to guess who is the artist who sang the tune.

    Happy singing!

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