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    Welcome to Memory Lane Therapy’s Old Time Dance Trivia and reminiscing questions for seniors in aged care. This is a fantastic quiz and questions, challenge the mind and reminisce on these fun dances that seniors loved when they were younger. This can be enjoyed as a social activity anytime!
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    The A4 Printable version of this Quiz & Questions can be found on the link at the bottom of this page.

    1.    What two dances are among the words used in radio communications and are part of the military phonetic alphabet (hint) Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and
    (A) Foxtrot & Tango
    2.    Name the famous dance partner of Ginger Rodgers
    (A) Fred Astaire

    3.    Who made the Twist famous?  
    (A) Chubby Checker
    4.    The Rocky Horror Picture Show made which dance famous in 1975?  
    (A) Time Warp
    5.    What type of dance did Mr Bojangles perform?  
    (A) Tap Dancing

    6.    What French dance is known for its high kicks starting with C?  
    (A) Can Can

    7.    A slow smooth dance with only four steps following a 3/4 timing?  
    (A) Waltz

    8.    What dance is in quadruple time and combines short, long, fast and slow steps in a fixed sequence?  
    (A) Foxtrot

    9. A modern ballroom dance from Latin America that has small steps and uses swaying of the hip movements?
    (A) Cha Cha

    10. Starting with P – a dance that you keep changing partners on the dance floor during?
    (A) Progressive Dance

    11. A light, lively and cheerful dance with steps like jumps, hops, right & left back turns. It has a lively rhythm and is the opposite to slow step?
    (A) Quickstep

    12. This dance is very popular with usually 8 dancers making up four couples while listening to a caller who tells the dancers what dance moves to make while dancing, its a fast-moving dance where the dancers can keep changing direction?
    (A) Square Dancing

    13. Which music group made the YMCA song & dance popular?
    (A) Village People

    14. What fun dance is played on an accordion to Oom-pah style music where you have to flap your arms like wings and clap your hands four times during the dance?
    (A) Birdie or Chicken Dance

    15. What dance do the bride & groom traditionally dance at their wedding?
    (A) Bridal Waltz

    16. What is the novelty dance called when you line up behind each other and hold the person’s waist in front of you with the dance movements 1,2,3 kick, repeat, following the leader around the room in a line?
    (A) Conga Line

    1. Finish your quiz with some fun questions:

      Ask your residents about Dance Nights or Balls when they were younger.
      Some were organised by the church or they could be tea dances or youth dances.

      Ask the ladies if they made their own outfits to wear?

       Did they have to have chaperons to the dance? (maybe an older brother.)

      Were the dances alcohol free – but the men drank outside?

      How old were they before they could go to a dance?
      Did they meet their future husbands or wives at a dance?

      Did they decorate the halls and what did they use?

      what did they do to the wooden floors to make them more dance friendly?

      I bet there are lots of stories to share.

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