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    Let’s celebrate the Olympic Games with this great quiz! Some fun and interesting facts that some seniors might know. Enjoy, learn and play together! 

    Where was the first Olympic Games held?

    What country was the Olympic Games held in 2016?
    Rio Brazil

    How many rings does the Olympic flag contain?

    What do the 5 rings on the Olympic flag represent?
    The 5 continents – Africa, Asia, The Americas, Europe and Oceania

    What colour are the Olympic rings?
    Blue, yellow, black, green & red

    Which country has won the most Olympic medals at the games?

    Which year witnessed the the Munich Olympic Massacre?

    An Olympic gold medal is made mostly of what metal?

    What 3 words is the Olympic motto?
    Faster, Higher, Stronger

    How old was the oldest Olympic medal winner?
    Oscar Swahn, aged 72 won a silver medal for shooting.
    He was from Sweden

    Which athletes enter last in the parade at the opening ceremony?
    The Host country competitors

    The first team to enter the stadium at every opening ceremony is?
    Greece to honour the fact that this country was the first country to host the games and were they began

    How often are the Olympic Games held?
    Every four years

    What colour are the Olympic rings?
    Blue, yellow, black, green & red

    What sporting event is known as one of the oldest sports in the world and is held at every Olympic Games?

    Who is the fastest swimmer ever?
    Michael Phelps

    Which country is said to have the best gymnasts?
    USSR & Russia

    Why did Bobby Pearce slow down during his rowing race at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam?
    To let a family of ducks pass by in the water
    (He still won the race by 30 seconds)

    What did Muhammad Ali known as Cassius Clay at the time wear on his flight to compete in the 1960’s Olympic Games in Rome?
    A parachute, he was so afraid to fly. He did win a gold medal

    The first 12 ancient Olympics only had one event.
    What was it?
    A sprint race of about 200m long across the stadium

    In which sport do men & women compete as equals?

    An athlete turned actor who won five gold medals in swimming in the 1920’s starred in 12 movies as Tarzan what was his name?
    Johnny Weissmuller

    What year were women allowed to compete in the Olympic Games?

    Abebe Bikila from Africa won the Olympic marathon at the Rome Olympic Games in 1960, a marathon of 26 painstaking miles. He was the first African in history to win a gold medal. What was different about him compared to the other runners in the race?
    He ran it without footwear

    The first official Olympic mascot was known as Waldi at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. What was Waldi?
    A Dachshund (Sausage Dog)

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