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    Welcome to Memory Lane Therapy’s Pet Quiz and reminiscing questions for seniors in aged care. This is an easy quiz that will challenge the memory and encourage some reminiscing on pets seniors loved when they were younger. This can be enjoyed as a social activity anytime!

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    1. This pet loves attention but only when it wants it, known to groom themselves and others by licking. Their favourite food is tuna, some have long hair and some have short hair and there’s a breed known to have no hair?  (A) Cat
    2. This is a large pet and they come in all different sizes & colours. They were very useful in the days before cars were invented or affordable. They can sleep standing up?  (A) Horse
    3. This pet is an intelligent and curious animal, traditionally known as a farm animal but also makes an excellent pet. They are good climbers and are known to eat everything?  (A) Goat
    4. This a popular pet of all different sizes and colours some smaller breeds like to sit on your lap while bigger ones love to run after balls?  (A) Dog
    5. Young children love these pets they are small enough to pick up and cuddle and they sleep in a hutch or cage. They can come in all different colours and are classified as a rodent. Males are called Boars and females sows?  (A) Guinea Pigs
    6. These pets are great, some like a cuddles and they will sit down when you approach to pick them up. They love scratching around the garden and love eating vegetable scraps from the kitchen? 
      (A) Chicken (bonus they also supply eggs)
    1. These pets can be fun to watch they can live in a cage or roam free in the house. Some can be taught to talk, they love to wash themselves in a basin filled with water and sometimes like to sit on your shoulder?  (A) Bird
    2. This pet is very popular and is kept in a tank or bowl, relaxing to watch but you can’t cuddle or play with them? 
      (A) Fish
    3. Known as a cute, cuddly and furry animal with long ears and great for kids. They sleep in a hutch? (A) Rabbit
    4.  Becoming a popular pet but not for everybody, they are highly intelligent and social, playful and entertaining but are known to bite. They have been used to hunt rabbits?  (A) Ferret

    Finish your quiz with some fun questions:

    1. Did you own a pet when growing up?
    2. What animal was it?
    3. What were the names of your pets?
    4. Which pet was your favourite?
    5. Did you have a horse and ride it to school? (If so where did you leave it when you went into the class room?)
    6. Was your pet allowed to sleep in your room? Maybe it slept on the bed?
    7. Did you teach your pet tricks?
    8. What pet animal did you always want to have growing up?

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