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Let’s get our Seniors all involved in finishing these proverbs, quizzes like this are great to keep minds active and involved in verbal communication with the rest of the community.
You can start by saying the first line and go around the room asking your group to call out the answers.

Sometimes there are some funny answers and we all have a laugh! This activity is very popular, even some people with memory loss are quick to answer. It’s great to start with a quiz in the morning and finish off with this proverb game.

A Printable A4 version of this quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

Where there’s a will – there’s a way
There is more than one way – to skin a cat
Give him an inch – and he will take a mile
Seeing is – believing
Never look a gift horse – in the mouth
Like Father – like son
Love makes the – world go round
You can’t tell a book – by its cover
Beggars can’t be – choosers
A bird in the hand – is worth 2 in the bush
Easier said – than done
Tomorrow is – another day
Time cures – all things
Crime doesn’t – pay

A rolling stone – gathers no moss
Every man is his own – worst enemy
Experience is the best – teacher
Every dog has its – day
Nothing ventured – nothing gained
Cleanliness is next to – Godliness
Curiosity killed – the cat
Rats desert – a sinking ship
A man’s home is – his castle
Laughter is the best – medicine

When in Rome – do what the Romans do
Beauty is only – skin deep
Opportunity seldom – knocks twice
An apple a day – keeps the doctor away

A friend in need – is a friend indeed
Love is – blind
Necessity is the mother of – inventions
Variety is the – spice of life
In for a penny – in for a pound 
A stitch in time – saves nine
There’s no smoke – without fire
You can’t have your cake – and eat it
Actions speak louder – than words 
One good turn – deserves another
Laughter is the best – medicine

Ignorance is – bliss
Every picture – tells a story
Birds of a feather – flock together
Life is just a bowl of – cherries
Jack of all trades – master of none
Business is – business
Blood is thicker – than water
Don’t put all your eggs – in one basket
Marriages are made – in heaven
Honesty is the – best policy
Nothing is certain but – death and taxes
Charity begins – at home
Time is – money
Make hay while the – sun shines
One man’s loss – is another man’s gain
Penny wise – pound foolish
It takes two – to Tango
The grass is always greener – on the other side Business before – pleasure 

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