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    This is a great activity especially in memory care, it stimulates the mind and gets the group doing some light upper body movement.

    Before we begin

    All you need is a beach ball, often found cheap at a variety store.
    Blow it up and write your questions on the ball with a permanent marker.

    How to Play

    Have the senior’s group sit in a large circle.

    As you throw the ball around to all the participants, every few throws call out “Stop” and have the person the ball stops on, read the question off the ball.

    The rules are: Read the question nearest to the catchers right hand.

    Everyone can have a turn answering the same questions.

    Suggestions for questions:
    • Music related
    • Name an Elvis Presley song
    • Movies & Actors
    • Famous people – Politicians, Royalty, Athletes
    • Famous landmarks – eg. Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Great Barrier Reef
    • Tools from the shed
    • Where do you go for a haircut
    • What’s your favorite football team

    This is a simple and fun activity that anyone can enjoy, including those living with Alzheimer’s. 

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