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    Here is a fun and interactive quiz to share over morning tea with your senior group in aged care. We are always on the lookout for new quiz ideas for seniors. They may seem simple, but these sets of threes are phrases we learned in school and while growing up. So, revisiting them can help encourage mental stimulation and keep minds healthy and active.

    There is an A4 printable version of the quiz found via the link at the bottom of this page.

    Let’s enjoy some wordplay and trivia with our “Sets of Three” quiz. Can you complete these famous trios by guessing the missing third word? Test your knowledge and have some fun with these classic combinations:

    Ready? Answer the Quiz Now!

    1. Peter, Paul and ————— Answer: Mary
    2. The good, the bad and the ———— Answer: Ugly
    3. Ear, nose and —————— Answer: Throat
    4. Huey, Dewey and ———— Answer: Louie
    5. Ready, steady ————— Answer: Go
    6. Wind, earth and ————Answer: Fire
    7. Morning, noon and ————Answer: Night
    8. Work, rest and ——————Answer: Play
    9. Gold, silver and ———— Answer: Bronze
    10. Solid, liquid and ———— Answer: Gas
    11. Coffee, tea and ——————Answer: Sugar
    12. England, Scotland and ————— Answer: Ireland
    13. Red, white and —————————Answer: Blue
    14. Yesterday, today and ————— Answer: Tomorrow
    15. Animal, vegetable and ————Answer: Mineral
    16. Yours, mine and ——Answer: Ours
    17. Tic, tac, ————Answer: Toe
    18. Every man, woman and ————Answer: Child
    19. Maxene, Laverne and ——————Answer: Shirley
    20. Air, land and ————Answer: Sea

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Sets of Three Quiz for Seniors – Guess the 3rd Word