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    Shrove Tuesday sometimes referred to as Pancake Day is a Christian celebration held every year 47 days before Easter Sunday and the day before Ash Wednesday. Traditionally on Shrove Tuesday, it is your chance to use your extra flour, eggs, sugar, butter to make a large number of pancakes, to prepare for the fasting ahead.

    Shrove Tuesday’s upcoming dates:
    2023 – February 21
    2024 – February 13

    Shrove Tuesday Tips

    A great idea to celebrate Shrove Tuesday in senior care is to have a pancake cooking session with the residents. You can also buy pancake mixture already prepared at the supermarket or even make your own batter with the recipe and below. It is a good idea to make your pancakes smaller so there are plenty to go around pikelet size.

    You will need:

    1. An electric frypan

    2. Egg slide

    3. Whisk

    4. Large spoon

    5. Large bowl

    6.  Spatulas 

    7. Butter

    8. Large plate

    9. Paper towel

    10. Tea towel,

    11. Pancake mixture

    12. Pancake toppings

    flour, eggs, butter and other ingredients for the Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day


    1. Sit with everyone around the table a the time of preparing pancake mix, it can be either pre-made or from scratch. Pass the bowl around the table so that everyone can participate in making pancake

    an image of a person mixing the pancake mix
    Pancakes being cooked in a frypan

    2. After the batter is mixed, heat the frypan and melt some butter at the bottom. Spoon a small amount of mixture to make small round pancakes/pikelets, ask some of the residents if they want to stand around the frypan but don’t force them and be careful as it can get quite hot, give the residents a spatula, and ask them to turn them over when they think it is cooked in one side. (an easy way to know if it is cooked properly is to see if bubbles are formed) Give everyone a chance who likes to try the cooking


    3. Keep cooked pancakes on a plate covered with a paper towel and cover the cooked pancakes with a clean tea towel. This will keep them warm.

    4. Keep cooking pancake until the mixture is all gone you might have to add more butter to the pan while cooking

    5. Set the table with small plates, butter knives, and toppings. Topping suggestions lemon and sugar, jam and cream, soft butter for spreading. Place the toppings down the middle of the table so the residents can reach. 

    an image of a perfectly made pancake tower
    elderly women happily enjoying their Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day activity

    6. Serve tea and coffee and enjoy Pancake Day.
    Another idea if you didn’t want to make pancakes is to have your facility cook serve savory pancakes for lunch. We have done this before and the residents really enjoyed them some savory fillings were chicken in a cheesy sauce, fish mornay and creamy beef filling.  

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