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    Another great conversation-starting quiz that your Senior residents will enjoy. We’ve prepared this Similes Quiz for your seniors to enjoy. These are the similes they learned in school and hosting an activity like this is a great way to help promote an active and healthy mind. 

    elderly woman reading similes Quiz

    Its Benefits for Seniors:

    Engaging in quizzes can be a delightful activity for seniors in aged care, offering both mental stimulation and social connection. Here’s why:

    • Sharpens the Mind: Quizzes act like a mental workout, challenging memory and recall. This helps keep cognitive skills sharp and may even delay age-related decline.
    • Boosts Mood: Answering questions correctly triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain. This can elevate mood and promote a sense of accomplishment.
    • Connects People: You can do quizzes individually or in groups, encouraging conversation and friendly competition. This social interaction helps combat loneliness and isolation, common challenges for seniors in aged care.
    • Sparks Joy: Recalling trivia or learning new facts can be genuinely enjoyable. Quizzes provide a lighthearted and stimulating activity that brings a sense of fun and laughter.

    Answer the Similes Quiz Now!

    1. As strong as an – Ox

    2. As busy as a – Bee

    3. As wise as an – Owl

    4. As playful as a – Puppy

    5. As quiet as a – Mouse

    6 As stubborn as a – Mule

    7. As poor as a – Church mouse

    8. As fat as a – Pig

    9. As gentle as a – Lamb

    10. As happy as a – Lark

    11. As cunning as a – Fox

    12. As blind as a – Bat

    13. As slow as a – Snail

    14. As proud as a – Peacock

    15. As brave as a – Lion

    16. As faithful as a – Dog

    17. As hairy as a – Spider

    18. As flat as a – Flounder, Tack

    19. As pleased as – Punch

    20. As sick as a – Dog

    21. As slippery as a – eel

    22. As sober as a – Judge

    23. As bold as – Brass

    24. As bright as a – Button

    25. As clean as a – whistle

    26. As clear as – Crystal

    27. As cool as a – cucumber

    28. As dead as a – Door nail

    29. As deaf as a – Post

    30. As drunk as a – Lord

    31. As dull as – Dish water

    32. As keen as – Mustard

    33. As large as – Life

    34. As neat as a – Pin

    35. As sharp as a – Razor, pin

    36. As smooth as – Silk, glass

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