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    Enjoy this easy snow globe craft activity with seniors in aged care. It can be done as a seasonal activity during Christmas, Easter or Halloween and add decorations to suit the special occasion.

    I like to use recycled food jars and you can purchase any kind of figurine, Christmas or holiday decoration from discount stores.

    Materials needed:

    • Mason jar or any food jar – a size that will be suitable for the figures you chose
    • Jar lid
    • Figure or small toy (choose items that will last in water)
    • Water
    • Glitter
    • Hot glue or waterproof craft glue
    • Clear liquid glue or vegetable glycerine

    Buy the materials on Amazon:


    1. Place your figurines on the lid of the jar.

    2. Once you have found a nice arrangement glue your figurines to the lid of the jar.

    3. Sit lid aside and allow glue to dry. Pour glitter and water into the empty glass jar.

    4. Add some glycerine or clear liquid glue to the water, this will make the glitter fall slower in the water.

    5. Glue the lid of the jar and on the inside of the lid then screw the lid down tightly to make it watertight.

    6. Once the glue has dried your snow globe is ready to shake up and present as a gift.

    We have also provided a short video demonstration video below.

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