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    Test your Wimbledon knowledge with our Wimbledon Tennis Quiz designed specifically for aged care activity coordinators. This quiz is the perfect resource to host during a big tennis event to stimulate reminiscing, foster social interaction, and create a fun and engaging atmosphere in your aged care facility.

    Empower your seniors with knowledge, inspire their love for tennis, and create a memorable Wimbledon experience with our Wimbledon Quiz. Discover the joy of learning and reminiscing as you engage your residents in friendly competition and celebrate the spirit of Wimbledon together.

    What fruit is on the Wimbledon trophy? (A) Pineapple.

    Does the winner of Wimbledon get to take their trophy home? (A) No, they get to take a smaller replica home, and the Wimbledon trophy stays at the All-England Club.

    Did Princess Diana ever attend Wimbledon? (A) Yes, she did, many times.

    What color tennis clothing is worn only at Wimbledon? (A) White.

    There are two sisters playing top tennis, Venus & Serena who? (A) Yes, Williams sisters.

    The Williams sisters have won many tennis titles. Which sister has won the most grand slam women’s single titles? (A) Serena, with 23, and her sister Venus has won 7.

    Who is currently known as the King of Wimbledon? (A) Novak Djokovic.

    Who was the first female tennis player back in 1974 to earn $1 million dollars? (A) Chris Evert.

    What fruit is eaten at Wimbledon with cream? (A) Strawberries.

    What drink is popular at Wimbledon? (A) Pimms & lemonade.

    What is also placed in the glass of Pimms & lemonade when served? (A) Ice and diced fruit.

    White tennis balls were replaced by what color tennis balls at Wimbledon so they could be seen more clearly on people’s televisions? (A) Yellow.

    Which female tennis player has won more singles crowns than any other person in history? (A) Martina Navratilova.

    True or false: Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament?
    (A) True.

    Who is the most successful male tennis player at Wimbledon? (A) Roger Federer.

    True or false: Around 54,000 tennis balls are used in the Wimbledon tennis tournament each year? (A) True.

    Four tournaments every year are known as Grand ______?
    (A) Slams.

    Name the fourth Grand Slam. Wimbledon, French Open, US Open, and ___? (A) Australian Open.

    What material are tennis balls covered in? (A) Felt.

    During a tennis match, if someone has a score of love, how many points do they have? (A) Zero.

    What is the name given to a 40-40 score in a tennis match?
    (A) Deuce.

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