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    Seniors in care will love this fun and easy craft activity to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
    Enjoy it as a group and follow the steps below, print out the flag templates we have provided and make a white flag for each participant to write a special Thanksgiving message on.


    • Colored and Patterned Paper in Autumn colors
    • White Paper
    • Scissors
    • Thick Cardboard
    • Thick string or thin ribbon
    • Adhesive glue stick or brush


    • Download and print the flags we have provided; then make templates using thick cardboard.
    • Give everyone in the group a cardboard flag template and some of the colored patterned paper to trace the flags.
    • Cut out the flags with scissors.
    • Place the ribbon on the wide part of the flags and fold over a quarter inch securing it on the other side by brushing a little glue or using stick adhesive.
    • Make a white flag for each participant to write Thanksgiving messages on.
    • Wait to dry and decorate the room with the banners. 
    Flag template and printable instructions provided below

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