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    Valentine’s Day in aged care homes is much more than a regular day. It’s a chance to shower our beloved elders with love and happiness for the endless wisdom they have imparted to us. This year, we have something extra special planned – a Valentine’s Day Love Song Quiz!

    Elderly man facilitating Valentine's Day Love Song Quiz

    Just imagine a room filled with smiling seniors, lost in the nostalgia of their romantic pasts, humming along to the tunes that marked their heartwarming journeys. The Love Song Quiz is like a musical time-travel machine, taking them back to the most precious moments of their youth.

    The Valentine’s Day Love Song Quiz is not just about answering questions; it’s about sharing stories and laughter. Seniors can team up, forming bonds over shared experiences and creating new connections with fellow residents. The quiz fosters a sense of community and togetherness, making Valentine’s Day in Aged Care a truly special occasion.

    A free and downloadable PDF of this quiz is available at the bottom of this page.

    1. Who sang “Love me Tender”?  (A) Elvis Presley

    2. Name the band of brothers who sang “How Deep is your Love”?  (A) Bee Gees

    3. “At Last” is a beautiful love song sung by Etta?  (A) James

    4. Who wrote the love song “I will always Love you”?  (A) Dolly Parton – Whitney Houston sang it as well and made it famous

    5. What brothers sang “Unchained Melody”?  (A) Righteous Brothers

    6. “Endless Love” was sung by a duo of Lionel Ritchie and?  (A) Diana Ross

    7. Which Beatle band member sang “Something”‘ in the way she Moves?    (A) George Harrison

    8. Which band sang “Only You”?  (A) The Platters

    9. “I’ve Got you Under my Skin” was sung by?  (A) Frank Sinatra


    10. Who sang the fun song “That’s Amore”?  (A) Dean Martin

    11. Who sang the beautiful song “Unforgettable”?  (A) Nat King Cole

    12. Which female singer sang “The First Time Ever I saw your Face”?  (A) Roberta Flack

    13. Who sang the song “Tammy”, Tammy’s in Love?  (A) Debbie Reynolds 

    14. Who found love on “Blueberry Hill”?  (A) Fats Domino

    15. Which famous duo sang “I got you Babe”?  (A) Sonny & Cher

    16. Which singer who also plays the piano and is blind sang the love song “You are the Sunshine of my Life”?  (A) Stevie Wonder

    17. Who sang “Can’t Take my Eyes off of You”?  (A) Frankie Valli

    18. Which band sang “Save the Last Dance for Me”?  (A) The Drifters

    19. “Brown Eyed Girl” was sung by?  (A) Van Morrison

    20. Which female artist sang “I Only want to be with You”?  (A) Dusty Springfield

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Valentine’s Day Love Song Quiz for Seniors