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    Valentine’s Day in aged care homes is much more than a regular day. It’s a chance to shower our beloved elders with love and happiness for the endless wisdom they have imparted to us. This year, we have something extra special planned – a Valentine’s Day Love Song Quiz!

    Just imagine a room filled with smiling seniors, lost in the nostalgia of their romantic pasts, humming along to the tunes that marked their heartwarming journeys. The Love Song Quiz is like a musical time-travel machine, taking them back to the most precious moments of their youth.

    The Valentine’s Day Love Song Quiz is not just about answering questions; it’s about sharing stories and laughter. Seniors can team up, forming bonds over shared experiences and creating new connections with fellow residents. The quiz fosters a sense of community and togetherness, making Valentine’s Day in Aged Care a truly special occasion.

    A free and downloadable PDF of this quiz is available at the bottom of this page.

    • Who sang “Love me Tender”?  (A) Elvis Presley

    • Name the band of brothers who sang “How Deep is your Love”?  (A) Bee Gees

    • “At Last” is a beautiful love song sung by Etta?  (A) James

    • Who wrote the love song “I will always Love you”?  (A) Dolly Parton – Whitney Houston sang it as well and made it famous

    • What brothers sang “Unchained Melody”?  (A) Righteous Brothers

    • “Endless Love” was sung by a duo of Lionel Ritchie and?  (A) Diana Ross

    • Which Beatle band member sang “Something”‘ in the way she Moves?    (A) George Harrison

    • Which band sang”Only You”?  (A) The Platters

    • “I’ve Got you Under my Skin” was sung by?  (A) Frank Sinatra

    • Who sang the fun song “Thats Amore”?  (A) Dean Martin

    • Who sang the beautiful song “Unforgettable”?  (A) Nat King Cole

    • Which female singer sang”The First Time Ever I saw your Face”?  (A) Roberta Flack

    • Who sang the song “Tammy”, Tammy’s in Love?  (A) Debbie Reynolds 

    • Who found love on “Blueberry Hill”?  (A) Fats Domino

    • Which famous duo sang “I got you Babe”?  (A) Sonny & Cher

    • Which singer who also plays the piano and is blind sang the love song “You are the Sunshine of my Life”?  (A) Stevie Wonder

    • Who sang “Can’t Take my Eyes off of You”?  (A) Frankie Valli

    • Which band sang “Save the Last Dance for Me”?  (A) The Drifters

    • “Brown Eyed Girl” was sung by?  (A) Van Morrison

    • Which female artist sang “I Only want to be with You”?  (A) Dusty Springfield
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    Download your printable PDF copy of Valentine’s Day Love Song Quiz for Seniors