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    Valentine’s Day is arriving again and what better way to get our senior residents in care into the spirit of love than with a good old quiz! Below is a list of questions and answers for the quiz.

    If you wish to print it out there is a PDF version at the bottom of this page.

    What letter of the alphabet is used to send or write a kiss?

    Which famous movie star married Richard Burton twice?
    Elizabeth Taylor

    Who was known as the Greek Goddess of love?

    Today we associate love with the heart. In medieval time love was thought to be connected to what other internal organ?


    Which of William Shakespeare’s plays was known as his most romantic?
    Romeo & Juliet

    On Valentine’s Day one dozen of which popular flowers are given as a gift?

    Red roses

    What day does Valentine’s Day fall on the calendar?

    14th February

    New York’s Empire State Building lights up every year on Valentine’s Day with what symbol?
    Red heart

    Which Scottish poet wrote the poem Red, Red Rose?

    Robbie Burns

    The word unlove means to cease love true or false?

    Which Roman Goddess was Cupids mother?


    In which city is a box containing Saint Valentine’s remains get opened every Valentine’s Day 14th February?
    Dublin Ireland

    In which country is it customary for women to give men a gift of chocolate on Valentine’s Day?


    What fruit is known as the love apple?


    Strawberries are sometimes dipped in what and eaten while drinking champagne?


    What small creature is said to shoot arrows into people’s hearts to make them fall in love?


    To show our love these days we will give gifts of flowers, chocolates, perfume or jewelry. In past times what was given to ask for a hand in marriage?

    A pair of gloves

    Finish this saying “Cold hands?
    Warm heart

    What 4 things does a bride traditionally wear for good luck on her wedding day?
    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

    A famous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson went Tis better to have loved and lost?

    Than never to have loved at all <3

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