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    When my son Lee asked me to write a love story for our newsletter for Valentines Day I thought I would share this story of my Father in-law Bill, Lee’s grandfathers story. Bill is 87.

    My Father in-law and Mother in-law lived on a rural property just out of Perth Western Australia for many years. My husband Phil & I lived on the coast only about a one hour drive for them.

    The in-laws would often come over and stay on weekends and enjoyed going fishing and having barbecues with us. Eventually they stopped coming over and every time we visited them, Marjorie was always feeling unwell. She said she was suffering from vertigo and had to go and lie down. This went on for about 10 months and eventually we realized that she was suffering from early signs of dementia and Bill was trying to conceal it from the family.

    Marjorie was starting to wander off from the property and it was hard to conceal their secret any longer.

    We suggested to them both to sell their property and move closer to us into a new lifestyle village offering security. The Aged Care Facility was next door and when the time came for them to need the services it would be closely available. 

    Marjorie managed to live in the lifestyle village with Bill for only a few months then we realised she needed more care, Bill was becoming worn out and stressed, unable to cope with Marjorie wandering outside the home.

    We arranged for Marjorie to move into a secure ward and Bill could visit her everyday as he lives next door, I was working as a carer in the same facility so I could see her every day and keep an eye on her.

    It has been over 5 years since Marjorie moved in to the facility and Bill has visited her every day. He wanders over there and Marjorie see’s him through the facility window, they look at each other and kiss through the glass window before he goes inside. Bill brings her chocolates everyday if he remembers.

    Bill is starting to get forgetful now and has been known to visit Marjorie up to 4 times a day as he has forgotten he has been there already.

    Even though Marjorie has forgotten family she remembers Bill and when he visits everyday she has a small smile, kisses him then they hold hands and go walking together.

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